Borderline Boring

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I really want to spread the joy by writing about a book that I’m utterly passionate about. I want to have the feeling of falling in love with, the prose, a character inhabiting a book’s pages, the ethos, concept and insight or to be really committed to turning each page so much so that I want to force you all to love the book as much as I do. I wouldn’t hold back because, I’d want to tell you all so that you don’t miss out. None of these yearnings am I feeling about Michela Wrong’s book, Borderlines. My disclaimer is, just because you saw me reading it, doesn’t mean that I like it. Kindly someone in our book Club took a punt and suggested this for our current read. As with all of us, we don’t write the books, so no stones thrown at the purveyor. I feel as though I’ve taken one for the team. ‘ I’ve read it, so you don’t have to’, sort of thing. But I do want to keep you in the loop with my life, therefore a little component called reading is fairly important and I wish I could rant and rage in depth about just how much I disliked Borderlines by Michela Wrong (don’t…). A good rant would be exciting and maybe controversial even, but it’s not even worth our time. Apologies to anyone who may feel that it’s their seminal read. Just ain’t mine. Moving on in order to alleviate the dreary, I turn a 180 and shall spread the joy garnered from Amy Poehler’s book Yes Please. It isn’t the answer to all our prayers but it is an answer to some of our uncertainties. It’s not a ‘self help’ but it’s a ‘help yourself ‘ read. I have laughed, been incredulous, been critical and actually been a little enlightened. Not about her famous life, so much as her un-famous life. She is totally real and reveals some painful mistakes and some previously unspoken, but quietly suspected advice on sex, which I admire and may employ. Amy Poehler referenced some girl giggles that we all have waving at us from our school days and which we must remember, we don’t need to be in a school uniform to experience. I love this woman, all her facets. She’s a flawed friend…like all of us.

This is a book that slips down a treat and it filled me up with a happy confidence that it’s all ok.

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