Stare, Wear, Be There.

To launch my new column, 5 of The Best, I’ve selected 5 exhibitions that The Model Edit is over excited about in 2016.

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Firstly we have Undressed at The V&A. This is a more than brief look at the history of underwear. You could pay to see that or have a rummage through my drawers for free, I’ve got it all covered…  Next, The Saatchi is holding it’s first all female  exhibition Champagne Life, members of this inspirational and equally talented genus are artists such as Tracey Emin and Yayoi Kusama, who holds the record for the highest price paid in an online auction for a female artwork. Then I give you Exhibitionism, The Rolling Stones retrospective also at The Saatchi Gallery. It will be the antithesis of Mademoiselle Prive, (Saatchi’s superstar exhibition that had us queueing in the aisles in 2015), but will be as popular and then some, the see and be seen exhibition of 2016. We may as well camp out on that lovely patch of grass in front of The Saatchi.

The Buckingham Palace Summer Exhibition is hosting Fashioning a Reign. This retrospective will allow us to see clothes worn by Betty II in their natural habitat, swags, drapes, diamonds,embroidery and general opulence, on the walls and on the woman. Lastly I deliver to your diary, The National Portrait’s exhibition comprehensively titled, Vogue, A Century of Style. This showcases masses of their most iconic images from the last 100 years. Unbridled gorgeousness I suspect.

Click on all the highlighted links as per usual to find out every single detail for all of the events that I’ve cited in this post.

Look to your wardrobes for the eponymous 2 for 1 looks that I rejoice in, as you’ll want to stay in town for supper after each exhibition and won’t want to carry heavy bags that hold an entirely new evening outfit.

We’ve talked about this!

  • Hels
    January 7, 2016

    all sounds wonderful! Thank you for the heads up. x

    • Vanessa
      January 7, 2016

      It’s utterly my pleasure. I research so that you don’t have to! x

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