Sneaky Eyeshadow

I do think that as we get older, there is some truth behind the idea that less make up generally gives a more youthful appearance, and vice versa. But there are days when a sneaky bit of eyeshadow can make the difference between ‘ how are you ?’ and, ‘you look great’. But, for me, none of that works if, after an hour of being radiantly lovely, the scene on my face, switches to looking like an extra from one of the Twilight films, with my eyeshadow for blusher. Urban Decay Potion - 1 Having taught my daughters to walk and talk, they now, in return, let me rummage through their make up bags, and generally bring to my attention stuff that may not necessarily be aimed at my age group. So, today I am in possession of a top product, that is so perfect for us, that it’s almost a necessity if you ever wear eyeshadow.

Urban Decay’s Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion, is a treat for the eyes. You apply a  very tiny bit of this lightly tinted creme to your eyelids and let it dry before you make wild and free with your eyeshadow of choice. What I would say is that this product is so good that you really do need to go lightly with your make up brush, as what you apply, will stay. Obviously it doesn’t make your eyeshadow indelible, and it comes off as usual with eye make up remover, but it does keep it in place. Huge joy!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

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