Entrenched in Coats

Uniqlo, Ines de la Fressange, trenchcoat, raincoat, winter coat, detachable lining, black, double breasted


Carrying on with my Winter Coat reveals, I give you this have it all, yet look so bloody casual, Uniqlo Trench Coat, thanks to my old Model mate, Ines de La Fressange and her collaboration with Uniqlo. It’s magnificent in it’s versatility and I promise you that it’s very fine heritage owes more than a passing ‘merci’ to Yohji Yamamoto circa Mark Ascoli, and to Jil Sander circa herself in the early days. I would have put a shot of me revelling in it’s fabulousness but I’ve ordered the wrong size and I don’t want to look weird in it. It is my favourite type of clothing because it does more than it says on the hanger.Uniqlo, Ines de La Fressange, Trench Coat, detachable lining, quilted lining, black, double breasted


This little steal has a detachable quilted lining. How’s that for a reveal? . This joins my double take list. I’m wearing this to meet you for a coffee, Soho House or Nero this winter. Or I’m wearing this without the lining for Tea, Browns Hotel or your house next Spring?

Either way I’m home and dry.

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