Skin in the Game

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Tales from a make up chair. Top industry professionals, uber creatives millimetres from my face, focused, unsuspecting, and essentially with no place to run. That is precisely when I start my interrogations. A personal consultation with a trained professional. In my element.

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Nearly ready for my close up.

I recently worked on a Music Video (Artist to be announced as soon as NDA permits )and managed to purloin straight from the lips of Make Up Artist Liberty Callaway @liberty_c , the skin-ny on a couple of things that you need to know. Firstly a word that Liberty should patent, is ‘Juicy’ Juicy skin is what we’re after here. Yes, isn’t it though!? Basic law of cosmetics, Don’t plaster over cracks. That’s right, to capitalise on all the hype and potential around any top Base or Foundation, you need to create a receptive epidermis for anything that you apply on it, Skin condition is key. All we can do is maximise the potential of our birthday suit. We wear it everywhere, everyday, hidden or highlighted. Often we are Marshmallows, bit dry and wrinkly on the outside, flexible and moist on the inside. We need to be more Haribo about ourselves, gently, satiny on the outside, juicy and flexible on the inside.

To get you picked from the mix, Liberty and I shout Skin Food from Weleda at you. It’s putting the message out there from the get go, and has been recommended to me by two MUA’s in the last two months. This is non spenny, unctuous and oily and you can hear your skin go ‘slurp’ as you apply. I prefer to use it at night and not necessarily every night, as its very rich. However it is absolutely bloody loved by MUA’s and base does sit well on it in a breathy moist manner. Young and lovely skin, we are coming for you.

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Skin says ‘Yum’

I can’t wade through lots of stuff, ever, and that goes for information overload on beauty products, so just to complete this double act, I give you one suggestion for a juicy base, which can now be attainable for you because of what you save on the the above, delicious nutritious, moisturiser ( I’ll let you do the big reveal for yourselves on that cost just click the link). You are running free to invest in the bank of Chantecaille and their Future Skin Foundation . Oil-free and rich in botanicals such as aloe, chamomile, rosemary and green tea, Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation works with your skin face by soothing any irritation, boosting immunity and preventing water evaporation, and imperfections diminish with the help the of light-reflecting particles contained in the formula.

Job’s quite a good’un.

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Cruise Control

I think what I’m going to do is send out my blogposts on a ‘I need you to know’ basis as it’s always good to have a direction when on your style map. I scrutinise markers from the key influential labels and see what is available to me to be part of that trend and that’s what I’ll share with you. A friend of mine designed for Burberry in Asia and one of their gems was the T-shirt collection as they were at a price point (albeit not a Primark one), that allowed Burberry fans without Burberry pockets, to enter into the costly Kingdom. Moving on, and with the assailing prevalence of Charity, Vintage and Pre Loved shops on every street corner, we don’t actually have to buy new anything to be part of a designer movement. We just have to spot the corner piece of the jigsaw puzzle and slot it in to our outfit in order to be part of the complete picture. Better still look deep within our wardrobes.

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Chanel Resort 2020 h

Today I’m highlighting just a couple of things that slapped me in style, from Chanel Resort 2020 collection. The show opened with an easy black jacket with wide-leg pants cut short enough not to slow a woman on a mission down, and a soft but unfussy white blouse with a purrfect Pussy Bow. Notes to selves; Which type of big cat are you? Get that Bow somewhere on your core clothes. Do you have still have strings to your Bows that haven’t been edited to extinction out of your wardrobes? If yes, you my friends are the chosen ones. Trim your trews.

Chanel Resort 2020


Same but more explicit. Please adore the mahoosive Pussy Bow utter Bullseye of a style statement lending excitement to a quite sensible look. Joy to my world of footwear as I couldn’t be more at one with the earth than when it’s a whiteout on my feet. Thank you Virginie Viard for entwining every footstep in your first solo show for Chanel in a forest of white delights.

A little of what I fancy may do you good.


Hello everyone who hasn’t erased the memory of my alter ego, Mrs V and is still interested in my style scratchings.

I have spent a year becoming more myself than ever and am excited to utterly get going and let rip on all the material style matters that cross my catwalk.

Pre Loved Vintage Clothing Mrs V The Model Edit H&M Long White Skirt Black Boots Tailored Jacket Red Curly Hair Long Hair Model
Current Wardrobe Classics

I’m currently massively happy with shopping from my wardrobe, styling owned merch up and deciphering current catwalk trends into looks that speak the language of my present curated closet. Aware of the terrible treadmill of ‘Fast Fashion’ I’d like to translate that phrase into a quick canter to your wardrobe and hopefully inspire you to style yourselves up and slow down the deficit in your purse and the world’s resources . This doesn’t mean to say that we all need to go around looking like Supporting Artists from The Handmaids Tale, or that I’m frowning on a Zara moment, or a Richard Malone one, what I’m endorsing is style with a conscious strategy and for all of us to be empowered and individual via our clothes.

I can’t help out with Brexit negotiations, but I can help you wrestle around your wardrobe.