Yves Saint Laurent, Hedi Slimane, The Black Hole.

‘A la’ Yves Saint Laurent (www.themodeledit.com personal protest, use of full YSL name ) and reaction to their Instagram shutdown of all posts pertaining to H Slimane’s there, I have no images today. My mental image though, is that of thought control, implemented from the CEO throne room at the court of YSL, by eradicating all traces of Instagram imagery posted during Hedi Slimane’s tenure. Are we lost in the crossfire of some bitch fight? is this the very bitter end of a love affair that was actually only ever based on decimal points? How do we feel about that? Are we ok about being so curated? Will the disappearance of these images help us to totally forget that Hedi was ever there? Will those of us that bought some of his clothes whilst he was Creative Director feel like fools because our purchases are now considered a mistake and an aberration by YSL? Examining the ever so slightly megalomaniac leaning of this action, should we thank our lucky stars that, despite the conveyor belt through put of disposable designers, equalled only by the regularity with which Premier League football managers shuffle off their professional coil, any reference to the Yves Saint Laurent himself, has somehow dodged the cull and still remains? Although the ‘Yves’ part of the Saint Laurent was’t so lucky, was the erasing of the word ‘Yves’ a sort of ring fencing of that era, or acquiescing to a despotic Mr Slimane? How boring that not only do we have to be told the the mental state of each designer prior to them putting pen to drawing paper in order for us to understand why we should like something, thus eradicating any need for frivolous thoughts like ‘I like that colour’ Now we aren’t allowed to remember what people would prefer us to forget, and are becoming collateral damage of an argument that started off as a beautiful relationship… I’m talking about Yves Saint Laurent and his designs.

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